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Ron, the founder of Dog Transformers (formerly RonTheDogTrainer.com) is a 3rd generation dog trainer. He has been featured on the hit TV show "Animal Attractions" that ran on PBS. Size nor breed is an issue for Dog Transformers; big or small we train them all. If you think your dog can’t be trained, think again. Dog Transformers speciality is in obedience with on and off leash training! With this type of training, you can take your dog off leash to the beach (where law permits) and parks and still have full control. We often say "it's no 'mickey mouse' type training", because it does require  someone with expert knowledge & skill. It takes a lot of time and patience to train dogs at this level & Ron has devoloped lots of patiences while raising 3 children with his wife, Nichole. They have 2 boys and 1 younger daughter that you may see throughout some of the videos.


After the passing of their beloved 12 year old huskey, 2 years ago, the family has decided not to own any animals for themselves because the love and time they devote to spending with their clients pups, would be taking away from their own pet. Especially because recently we have expanded to include DOGGY DAY CAMP! This is all about fun! This is where your dog comes out with us to have fun with other dogs! Just shoot us a text or give us a call, and we will be there to get your pup and take him/her out for a few hours. When the party is over at the end of the daycamp day, your pooch will return home, probably ready to rest from all the days fun!


Here at Dog Transformers, we always say:

 "To have a great dog, you need to have great training; to have great training, you need to have great trainer & Ron IS a GREAT trainer!". 

Dog Training Jackonville Florida

DOG TRANSFORMERS is now offering live chat to better assist you. If you have any questions feel free to click the chat button on the bottom left. You may also directly email: ron@dogtransformers.com

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