Obedience training is designed to establish and promote a proper relationship between you, your family members and your dog(s). Our methods are fast, effective, and easy to learn. The techniques utilize your dog's natural drives and instinct, which means your dog will learn commands faster and easier than other less behavior-oriented methods. The methods used here at Dog Transformers also help your dog respond, respect, and bond to you more readily. 

4-6 week training camp. Training includes ALL realms of behavior, obedience, house training, and potty training. I also target specific behavioral problems. On & OFF leash!**

Also INCLUDED-  a lifetime of remedial training and consultation for future problems. Results Guaranteed! 


Aggressive (food or towards people/kids,men, etc.)


Fear and Separation Anxiety



Training Camps

All About the Training Programs We Offer​


Educating both YOU and your pet is essential to the training. Dog Transformers know every pet and their owners' needs are different, that’s why we customize the training to fit you and your pet. Understanding you and your pet is the top priority of Dog Transformers. (We strive to be the best dog trainers and accecpt no less from our Transformer). To achieve this, we will come to your home, or desired location, to evaluate and determine the areas that need improvement and come up with an individualized special program plan for your family! 


We cater to all breeds and personality types:

Aggressive (food or towards people/kids,men, etc.)



Destructive Behavior

Fear and Separation Anxiety


All other Behavioral problems

We will establish an individual behavior modification technique that works for YOUR family

Big or small, we Transform them all

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More than 50% of my business comes from clients who have already seen another trainer. I am not the cheapest, but you dont get "cheap"  training with me. 

Perfect Puppy Program
Ask about House calls & one on one training. We will also sometimes offer "Pick up drop off" training, dog walking and house sitting. Please call for more info
After Training "Maintenance Program" 2x a week one of our transformers will pick your dog up in the morning and s/he will come out with us for the day. This can include assisting me in demostrations at schools and visiting a senior citizens community. Your dog/s will retain the information s/he learned during training and also get out to play with other dogs. Currently we are only offering this service to clients who sign on yearly, we do offer multiple dog discounts. Please Call or fill out form in the "contact us" section for more information. 

*We also offer Out of State Training. Please contact us for more information on this

DOG TRANSFORMERS is now offering live chat to better assist you. If you have any questions feel free to click the chat button on the bottom left. You may also directly email: ron@dogtransformers.com

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6am- 8pm*




*we can easily 

accommodate our client's schedule for training and other programs