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*In order to achieve off leash perfection, you and your dog must complete that portion of training. Off leash training does NOT apply to virtual sessions due to the skill level.




     Behavior Modification is our specialty!!

DOG TRANSFORMERS know the value and importance of a well trained dog. We always say "A well trained dog makes a very happy owner, but a well trained owner makes an extremely happy dog"! We love happy dogs in our community, that is why our training is focused not only on your 4-legged family member, but YOU as well. We show the skills needed to effectively communicate with your companion in order to create a harmonious environment for the whole family.

Often times we find some people avoid calling for help, worried that their canine companion will end up a machine that is completely void of personality.... DOG TRANSFORMERS will never "break" your dog into submissivness. We train them. Many people worry that their canine companion will end up a machine; completely void of personality. Dog Transformers understands their personality

is a key source of pleasure for everyone, so we promise your pup will keep it!

DOG TRANSFORMERS is now offering live chat to better assist you. If you have any questions feel free to click the chat button on the bottom left. You may also directly email:

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